Submission contents and structure

Content and Structure of the Submission

International Relations and Dialogue of Cultures accepts original scientific articles and scientific reviews. The article must not have been previously published and not submitted for consideration by other journals. The article must meet the ethical requirements of the journal.

Articles must contain new scientific results obtained by the authors and be of international scientific interest.

  • Articles are accepted on the following topics:
    • International Relations;
    • History of International Relations;
    • Historical Culturology;
    • Political Science;
    • Political Philosophy;
    • Regional Studies and Political Ethnology;
    • Political Geography.
  • We recommend that authors apply the article structure in IMRAD format, including "Introduction" and "Conclusions". At the same time, it is possible not to use strictly "Methods" and "Results", but you should use a freely structured main part of the article, divided into semantic blocks.
  • The following components of the article are uploaded separately to the electronic edition:

Authors should also upload a complete article.

The recommended volume of articles is 10-15 pages including graphical insertions. The number of graphic attachments (diagrams, graphs, drawings, photographs, etc.) should not exceed 6.

Submission requirements can be found here.