Submitting your article

  1. All papers must be submitted via E-Submission system. An author’s personal account is automatically generated upon registration. The submission can then be uploaded through the “My articles” menu., then you need to download the article through the "My articles" menu. The E-submission system should be the sole means of communication between the author, the editors and the reviewers. Please note that for multi-author articles, only the corresponding author should register in the system; co-authors are added when submitting the paper.
  2. The manuscript must be prepared in accordance with our structure and contents and formatting guidelines.

After submission

  1. All papers are reviewed and revised through the E-submission system only.
  2. All manuscripts are subject to plagiarism check via the Antiplagiat system.
  3. Submissions will be rejected if they fail to comply with the journal’s guidelines and requirements or are found to contain plagiarized or previously published material. The authors will be informed of the reasons of rejection.
  4. The journal is responsible for organizing the review process for all manuscripts submitted for consideration. Review can be carried out by members of the Editorial Board or by invited referees. The journal uses single-blind review, i.e., the author does not know who the reviewers are.
  5. Articles that have received a negative review will be rejected without further consideration.
  6. Once the manuscript has passed review and any additional issues have been settled with the authors, it can be directed to the Editorial Board for final decision. The authors will be informed of the issue and section of the journal in which the article will be published and of the tentative date of publication, as approved by the Editorial Board.
  7. In case a large number of papers are submitted, admission may stop before the stated issue deadline.

Accompanying documents
In addition to the article, the author must sign a license agreement. The document can be provided after acceptance of the article for publication.