PARK Sunyoung
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  • Affiliation
    History Department, Sejong University, Seoul, Korea
  • Degree
    PhD in History
  • No. 618 Jiphyun-guan, History Department, Sejong University, 209, Neungdong-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, Korea (05006)
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Research experiences at Harvard Yenching Institute and Tokyo University.

Major publications:

2020: “An Inconvenient Truth”, Journal of Chinese Studies, 127.

2019: “Interpreted Manchuria”, Journal of Manchuria Studies 28.

2018:- Golcal Manchuria, Hanwool press, Seoul

2017:-“Chinese understanding on North Korea Nuclear Program and the Relationship between China and the USA”, Journal of East Asian Studies, No. 83

2016:-“Formation and Development of Asian-Pacific Studies: Linkage between the IPR and Area Studies”, The Journal of Chinese Historical Researches, No. 104

2015:-“Chinese effort to recover the sovereignty”, Journal of Modern Chinese History, No. 71

-“Dilemmas between Spear and Shield: Sino-Japanese controversy on Manchuria in 1929”, The Journal of Chinese Historical Researches, No. 98

2014:-“Sinocentrism and transportation network in the west frontier in China”, Journal of Modern Chinese History, No. 64

-“Consumption of an Expedition: Media Perceptions of Kyoto University's Expedition to Mt. Baekdu”, Acta Asiatica Varsoviensia, no. 27

2013: -“showed ‘brotherhood’ and covered ‘national interest’”, Journal of Modern Chinese History, no.59.

Honours and awards: 

- 2018: Harvard Yenching Institute publication grant

- 2017: Award honour from Ministry of Culture

- 2016: Award the best paper from Association of Chinese Studies

- 2010: Reformed Leader of Korea 2010(Humanities) from Newsmaker

- 2010: Award Impressed Korean Educator from Sisa Today

- 2009: Award the best book prize from Northeast History Foundation

Research interests: Social history, Foreign relations history of Modern Asia, History