International Relations

The problem of ensuring collective security is one of the most pressing problems of the sustainability of the modern world. Spain takes an active part in the activities of international organizations, the purpose of which is to ensure international and national security. Three areas of UN activity are of particular importance for the country: reform of the Security Council; organization of the International Criminal Tribunal; peacekeeping operations under the auspices of the organization. In foreign policy, Spain's role in the European Union is noticeable and active. The Spanish government does not question the existence of NATO and sees it as a form of interaction between Europe and the United States, which should ensure overall security and stability on the continent. Cooperation with the UN for Spain is the guarantor of ensuring the national security of the country, which has always opposed international terrorism and takes an active part in many anti-terrorist activities organized by international organizations.
The proposed research is based on General methods of analysis and comparison of historical facts of modern political history in Europe and the United States. The sources of information used are periodical press data, analytical reviews, and scientific polemics in Russian, English, and Spanish. The study confirms that over the past decades, the country has consistently carried out targeted actions to ensure collective security in Europe and the world, as evidenced by Spain's active participation in the activities of the counter-terrorism Committee and support for UN peacekeeping operations in Central America.
In addition, the country comes up with a large number of initiatives, for example, with a proposal to create a list of international organizations engaged in terrorist activities.